Australian High Commission

Australian Drivers Licence to Malaysian

Conversion of Australian Driver’s Licence to Malaysian Driver’s Licence

Australian driver’s licence holders are able to obtain a Malaysian licence without sitting for a written or practical driving exam. We provide the following as general information only. Please contact your local Malaysian road transport department for definitive advice.

To obtain a Malaysian licence, you will generally be required to produce a letter from the High Commission certifying the validity of your Australian Driver’s Licence.

Before the High Commission can issue the letter, you are required to provide the High Commission with a letter confirming your driving licence details from the State and Territory Motor Vehicles Authorities (MVA) who issued your licence. We do not require records of your driving history. In your request to MVA for your driving licence details, you should include the following:

Licence Category:
Place of Issue:
Date of Issue:
Licence No:
Reason: To facilitate in the process of obtaining Malaysian Driver\'s Licence.

Once confirmation is received from the MVA, you need to bring in your original driver’s licence and the MVA confirmation letter to our office.

The current fee for the letter issued by the High Commission is RM210 and only payable with credit card or bank draft (personal cheques are not accepted. Bank drafts should be made payable to the "AUSTRALIAN HIGH COMMISSION".

This service is provided from 10:00am to 12:00noon, from Monday to Thursday apart from observed public holidays. This service is by appointment only.  Please click here to make an appointment