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Malaysian Artist Begins Visual Arts Residency Program in Melbourne

Malaysian artist begins visual arts residency program in Melbourne

The Australian High Commission is pleased to announce Mr Liew Kwai Fei as the winner of the Australia-Malaysia Institute (AMI) Visual Arts Residency Program, an eight-week Australian residency program for a Malaysian artist. 

Mr Liew will be a guest of the Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces in Melbourne, from 4 April to 30 May 2011. 

Mr Liew received a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA), where he majored in Ink Painting. Since graduating, Mr Liew has participated in a number of group exhibitions and held his first solo exhibition titled Fei in 2003. His latest solo exhibition, Paintings for All Ages / Paintings with Extended Space, was held in 2009. Mr Liew also participated in the VASL International Artist Residency in Karachi, Pakistan in 2003. 

Mr Liew said he was keen to explore the vibrant contemporary arts scene in Melbourne and to produce work in a new environment. 

The AMI Visual Arts Residency Program promotes cultural understanding and cross-cultural links between Malaysia and Australia. The program will encourage partnerships between Malaysian and Australian artists and institutions. 

Australia’s High Commissioner to Malaysia, Mr Miles Kupa, said “the project was a tremendous opportunity for a Malaysian artist to collaborate with Australian artists.”
Mr Liew will exhibit works inspired by his time in Australia when he returns to Malaysia.

To view Mr Liew's artwork, click here