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Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC)

The MABC represents Australian firms situated and operating in Malaysia and Malaysian companies with Australian interests.

The MABC carries out a range of activities, some of which involve joint efforts with the Australian High Commission.

There are two categories of MABC membership:

1. Corporate

Companies/firms situated and operating in Malaysia:

  • In which Australian companies/firms have an interest

  • Which are interested in developing trade and commercial interests in Australia

  • Who are engaged in the promotion of Australian products or services in Malaysia

2. Individual

Business people, being citizens of Australia residing in Malaysia and who are engaged in a business or a profession.

Business people, being citizens of Malaysia who represent Australian companies/firms in Malaysia or who have a substantial interest in trading with Australia.

Business people, being permanent residents of Malaysia who either individually or in association with a corporate entity are prominent investors in Australia.

Any other person nominated by a member and accepted by the Executive Committee.

Contacting MABC:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 603 7960 9490

MABC Networking Evening


Australia Malaysia Business Council (AMBC)

The counterpart of MABC in Australia is the AMBC. Formed in 1998, the AMBC has chapters in each state capital and is serviced by the International Division of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The AMBC can be contacted in Canberra at 612 6270 8027 or email [email protected].