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Trade Services-Australia\\'s Trade with Malaysia

Australia’s Trade with Malaysia - 2008/2009**

Australia’s Exports to Malaysia

Australian goods exports increased by 8.6% to RM11.2 billion in 2008/09. Malaysia is the 12th biggest market for Australian goods.

Significant exports 2008/09:

• Coal RM1,239 billion

• Aluminium RM1,208 billion

• Copper RM892 million

• Crude oil RM767 million

• Wheat RM626 million

• Medicaments (incl veterinary) RM516 million

• Zinc RM451 million

• Milk & cream RM295 million

• Machinery & transport equipment RM247 million

• Ferrous waste & scrap RM208 million

Malaysia is also a major buyer of Australian wheat and sugar.

Australia’s Imports from Malaysia

Australian goods imports from Malaysia in 2008/09 increased by 3% to RM25 billion. Malaysia is the 8th biggest supplier to Australia.

Significant imports 2008/09:

• Crude Oil RM8,145 billion

• Computers & Parts RM2,779 billion

• TV’s and Radio’s RM2,701 billion

• Telecoms Equipment RM841 million

• Furniture, mattresses & cushions RM638 million

• Fats and Oils RM590 million

• Electronic integrated circuits RM551 million

• Machinery & transport equipment RM489 million

• Chemicals RM447 million

• Refined petroleum RM344 million

Australia’s Services Trade with Malaysia (2008/09)

• Two-way trade services in 2008/09 was RM7.9 billion with Australian services  exports accounting for RM4.8 billion of this.

• Major Australian services exports to Malaysia are education and tourism.

** Figures are based on an Exchange Rate of A$1.00 to RM3.00